Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Create a Learning Community to inspire our next generation to flourish and make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To promote students’ well-being through engaging learning experiences.

Our Values

We believe there are five important building blocks of well-being and happiness, which positive psychology pioneer Dr. Martin Seligman called PERMA.

Our school promotes PERMA values:

  1. Positive Emotions – Students are happy at school
  2. Engagement – Students are engaged in learning
  3. Relationships – Students have a good relationship with classmates and teachers
  4. Meaning – Students believe what they have learned is meaningful
  5. Achievement – Students learn effectively with a sense of accomplishment

Our Approach

We promote students’ well-being to the fullest extent in our school context by implementing the following five strategies:

  1. S.T.E.M. Project Based Learning
  2. British Curriculum
  3. 21st Century Skills
  4. Positive Education
  5. Personalised Learning