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James Ramsey 1

James Ramsey

School Supervisor & Manager

James Ramsey is the School Supervisor & Manager, having been officially appointed by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in May 2019. In addition to his role as Supervisor, James’ services as a professional businessman have been engaged by the owners – ‘Lantau Education Limited’ to advise on the strategic development of the school. As an independent businessman holding office as ‘Chief Strategy Officer’ at BMP Wealth Ltd, James brings a wealth of experience to the team at Silvermine Bay. Through his many contacts in both the World of Business and Education, James is able to make important connections that will help take the school in a positive direction.

James has also built and run a number of private language and music schools over the years and is therefore able to bring new perspectives and ideas to the team. This is further strengthened by the fact that two of his three daughters have attended Silvermine Bay School since 2013. James is also known to many fitness enthusiasts in Hong Kong as he established a Group in 2014 called ‘Lantau Beach Warriors’ which to this day provides twice weekly fitness sessions in Silvermine Bay School. One of the first things James did when starting to work with Silvermine Bay School was to introduce the YMCA Family Sports Day programme and increase the weekly sports sessions at Silvermine Bay from one to two days per week.